Regardless of your child's writing ability, this course is for them. Insecure, hesitant writers will build confidence as they come to realize they CAN write and natural writers will learn to harness their natural abilities. Students will learn to use strong verbs, nouns, adjectives, and adverbs in their writing. Not only will they write with enthusiasm and creativity, they will learn to rewrite and enjoy it!

This is a creative writing course meant to spark the imagination and give students attainable goals with the reward of immediate results. Although some grammar is taught, this is not an English course and the ability to construct complete sentences is required.

Begins September 14, 2015

Igniting Your Writing 1A - Grades 6-8
Monday Mornings - 9:30-11:00 AM

12 sessions for $125. Payment due on the first day of class.
(Each course is part one of a 24 session program with the second half being offered after Christmas break.)
Crossroads Church, Concord, Room 200, Taught by: Tammy Blackburn

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(An 8 student minimum is required for the class to proceed.)

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